Depot service

we have  signed contracts with depots in Vietnam.Thanks to warehousing and distribution specialists, we have experience in providing warehousing solutions for various product companies such as retail, cagro, textile, shipping, automobile industries and many more.

At Depot, we enjoy free depot storage charge from depot operator, we have 30 days free time.

Siêu trường – Siêu trọng

HAI PHONG TRANS chuyên cung cấp các loại cont đặc biệt như: Mở nóc (OT), Flatrack (FR), Cont lạnh (RF), cont 45′, 45’OT … đóng hàng vận chuyển đường bộ, đường biển. Cung cấp các phương tiện vận chuyển chuyên dụng như ford lùn chở hàng máy móc, thiết bị cồng kềnh, siêu trường –…

Domestics and International Transport

We are experience in combined transport by road, railway, and airway to reduce cost price, transport time, besides, services of unloading, warehousing, packing, maintenance, customs brokerage and suitable vehicles meet customer’s needs. Our services as follows: TRANSPORT BY AIR, SEA, AND INLAND TRUCKING Inport/Export Documentation Storages (short-time & Long-time) Unloading, Warehousing, numbering packing, labeling Dangerous…

Dear our value Customers!
Firstly we would like to send my good thanks to our value customers and great partner, who during care and use our multi-good services.
With a long term of container business, we are proud to be the leading company in manufacturing and professional container transportation. in recent years, with the continous development not in the field of container shipping services, but also orientation of company, we officially open line internal from Hai Phong-Da Nang-Quy Nhon –  Ho Chi Minh City including services as follows:
–          (FCL/FCL):  internal line from Hai Phong-Da Nang-Quy Nhon to Hcm city
–          Air line, shipping line, multi-modal transportation
–          Door-to-door
–          Shipping with rf container, open top, flat rack, 45’.etc.
–          Project cargo, super long vehicle container cargo
–          Leasing warhouse
–          Customs clearance
–          Packing/unpacking for general cargo/others
–           Selling, leasing dry steel container, reefers, office containers.
–          As agent for shipping line.
with a great of depot from Ha Noi, Hai Phong, Da Nang, Nha Trang, Ho Chi Minh city, and agents over the world, in addition, vehicle,  various unloading such as: ship, long vehicles, fork-lift truck,and professional and experienced staff, which will bring to our value customers a best services and great product.
Please do not hesitate if you have any reqirement so far contact:

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